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Hibe Share


Separate profiles for your different activities.

Hibe Share allows you to separate your personal, professional and other activities. This enables you to portray yourself as you’d like with distinct audiences to ensure what you share is only seen by the right people.

Hibe Chat


Tailor your image to suit your conversations.

Hibe Chat is an instant messenger app that allows you to control how you appear when you chat with people in the different parts of your life.

Hibe Persona


Managing your contacts has never been this easy.

With Hibe Persona you decide how you appear on other people’s phones and what contact information they have about you. Updates happen automatically so you don’t have to stay on top of your connections’ most current contact info.

Android and iOS mobile Apps available for download: June, 2016.


At Hibe, we think that you should always be the one in charge of your image and privacy. That’s why online technologies need to bend to fit your life – not the other way round. With that in mind, we set out to do something different by creating the Hibe applications. 

From the start, we committed to building technologies that would safeguard instead of sidestep peoples’ personal rights. As tools they would give users the opportunity to freely express the different parts of their lives, without harming their image or sacrificing their privacy.   

These tools weren’t built overnight. It took time and careful thought to ensure we gave people the chance to communicate and build relationships online as they do in real life. And we weren’t afraid to play the long game – conducting trials, tests and making many technical improvements based on user feedback.

The end result is a set of complementary, yet separate tools to allow users to efficiently control their image, prioritize the content they receive and, above all, maintain their privacy.

Our core belief of respecting users’ rights – which is at center of all our applications – has prompted many leading publications to turn to Hibe for thought-leadership articles and interviews on topics such as: online privacy; protecting individuals’ social presence; social networking; and creating a social media movement.


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