The Mobile Application Network

connecting people using different applications.

Hibe enables mobile applications to talk to each other, thereby allowing people to use their favorite apps to interact with others on different apps, making for a seamless and simple way to connect, share, entertain and transact online.

Hibe is powered by an Artificial Intelligence (AI) engine that creates private and secured channels between users of different mobile apps to communicate and transact.

Private, secured and seamless interactions with other people from different applications of their choice. Ownership and control of data generated on connected applications, synched and made accessible to them on Hibe. Zero learning-curve, zero download. Learn More
Increased adoption and stickiness on small and medium applications. More profitable and recurring revenue streams respecting app users’ online privacy. Small and medium applications united to effectively compete against major platforms. Learn More
Permission-based advertising targeting users across mobile applications at no cost. No fees except for sale commissions. Relationships building and management with consumers across mobile applications. Learn More