Why can’t we have a social communication tool that’s actually committed to protecting our privacy and reputation?

What’s that you say?

I’m not on social media

Worried about your privacy and reputation? Well, now there’s a safer way to communicate with the people in your life.

Privacy isn’t a big deal to me

Well maybe it isn’t, but what about the privacy of the people you know or interact with?

I’m satisfied with social media

What about the digital footprints you’re leaving all over cyberspace? Are you happy to continue to hand over personal data to total strangers?

I want my privacy back

Then we’re on the same page! Why would we ever use social media platforms that don’t respect our right to privacy?

With Hibe,
Virtual Artifacts promises to give you the tools to help you protect your privacy and reputation by separating your personal, professional and even anonymous online activities. Hibe only exists to deliver on that commitment.

How Hibe Works

Unlike many online communication services, we will never betray your privacy. Not now, nor in the future. Your data will always remain yours and no one else’s.

You will have the security of knowing you can take your private data back and erase your digital footprints at any time, with no copy left behind. That’s our guarantee.

As part of our promise, we will never change those terms in our policy as it pertains to your privacy. With Hibe, we guarantee your right to be forgotten.

Don’t think we’re serious? Just watch us.

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