Hibe’s vision is to empower people and organizations to connect and engage on their own terms in a way that reflects their different personas and needs.

Back in 2000, as the world was falling in love with social media, we recognized the key role privacy would play in the new digital era. We quickly realized that the value offered by emerging services – namely the ability to connect with people – came at a real cost to the user. Whether they knew it at the time or not, their privacy and rights were being sacrificed and monetized by social networking platforms.

At the same time, we also came to the realization that existing platforms could never offer users the opportunity to communicate and build relationships as they do in real life. Since we all have separate personal and professional personas and interests, it will always be impossible to express the different facets of our lives with a single profile and one large audience.

Driven by our desire to enable people to be themselves, we created a series of applications that give users the power to freely communicate while protecting their privacy. To ensure people’s bests interests were always at the very core of the Hibe technologies, we took the time needed to conduct numerous trials, several tests and many technical improvements based on user feedback.

The concept behind the Hibe applications is part of Hibe greater philosophy that technology must safeguard and not sidestep users’ personal rights. This clear vision has prompted many leading publications to turn to Hibe for thought-leadership articles and interviews on topics such as: online privacy; protecting individuals’ social presence; social networking; and creating a social media movement.