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Publisher: Edovia Inc.
Category: Utilities

A full sized keyboard is only a tap away. Enjoy the luxury of an extended number pad to power through your spreadsheets at the coffee shop. Or compose a ditty on the beach using Simple Entry for Finale and Sibelius. Leave bulky keyboards at home and use NumPad as a lightweight alternative for those moments when you need a few more keys. NumPad easily connects your iPhone or iPod Touch to your Mac, Linux, or Windows computer. Don't miss a beat using NumPad with Sibelius and Simple Entry for Finale. Familiar numeric pad layout means using NumPad is already second nature. REQUIREMENTS: - WiFi connection shared with your computer. - Screen Sharing (Leopard, Snow Leopard) or Remote Access (Tiger) enabled or any VNC Server. - For Windows, Linux and Raspberry Pi, a VNC Server is required (RealVNC and TightVNC recommended). - Server Setup Instructions are available within the app. - Compatible with Sibelius 6 or up.
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