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Super Jones
Publisher: Techninier Sdn Bhd
Category: Games

Get ready for a fast-paced adventure of puzzles, path-planning and strategies in Super Jones. Go deep down a deserted ancient mine with Nathan Jones and his mighty drill to uncover hidden treasures. Every move counts, so drill away monsters for precious jewels and achieve your best score now! Game Features: - Swipe your way down the mine with a drill through 7 types of unique blocks - Excavate 7 types of hidden jewels and defeat monsters to reach the greatest depth - Get stronger with Extra HP, Drill Upgrade, Giga Drill Upgrade and Time Extension - Summon the Giga Drill to clear your path in one vertical hit down the mine - Beat other players by achieving the best score within the most limited time Notes: - This application is optimized for smartphones, not tablets. - Compatible with iOS devices that have free storage of at least 100MB. - Application does not support jailbroken iPhones. - Compatibility information may be updated at any time.
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