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One Line Connect - Brain Game
Publisher: Craig Glendenning
Category: Games

One Line Connect is one of the more fun ways to train your brain. The rules are simple - connect all of the dots to draw the picture using only 1 line. There are 6 level packs consisting of 50 levels. Each pack is arranged by IQ Score. The higher the IQ the more difficult the puzzle. Only those with the highest IQ will be able to beat them all. Use One Line Connect each day to improve your problem solving abilities. The brain requires stimulation each day for you to get smarter, and One Line Connect is here to help you get smarter. Play with friends and family to enjoy company while playing a game that both stimulates and entertains both you and your companion. There is hours of fun to be had. Features: • Over 300 levels • Brain Stimulation Game Style • IQ Levels: 60,80,100,120,140,160 • Share with your friends • Obtain and use hints to help solve puzzles • 100% Free Brain Training!
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