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Publisher: NPC Unlimited
Category: Games

Think you’ve mastered most mobile puzzles? Fancy a new challenge? 2048 Puzzle Game is a new take on the brain-teaser that had millions of us swiping left, right, up, down any chance that we got. If you enjoyed the classics, why not try the next level? To Play: 1. Swipe (or tap!) left, right, up or down to make the numbers shift in that direction. 2. If two numbers of the same value collide, they will combine. 3. Eat, sleep, swipe, repeat. 4. Keep combining these blocks until you reach 2048. It really is that simple. If you felt like the first time round was too easy for you, why not change the difficulty? From professional to cheating, it’s almost guaranteed that you can find a level that both fun and challenging in equal measure. Please note: Although we say it’s professional level, there isn’t actually any money involved. Sorry about that. If you do manage to complete this level, feel free to give yourself a pat on the back. Well done you. The competitive type? Connect through Game Center which allows you to spend all night practicing, and then lord over your friends in the morning with your new high score while they sing your praises and declare you their new ruler. Please note: This may not happen.
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