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QuizTix: Animal Pics Quiz
Publisher: QuizTix Ltd
Category: Games

Play the wildest animal quiz in the app store! Collect and share some of the finest and cutest wildlife pics in the world. Rare and extraordinary animals. Do you know what a binturong is? How about a kowari? Maybe a potoo? See them all in "QuizTix: Animal Pics". Unique trivia gameplay that is fun and rewarding: answer questions to win Tix and fill the nature park with colourful animal characters. The QuizTix experience but better! Now with the best animal images sourced from Nature Picture Library. Some of the most awe-inspiring, cute, and sometimes, just plain weird, animal pics from the best wildlife photographers around the world. Answer, like and share photo questions. Download high quality animal photo wallpapers from any question (requires paid in-app purchase). Test your animal trivia against your friends on subjects such as: • Camouflage • Predators • Super Powers • Living With Humans • Sea Life • Fight or Flight... and many more.
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