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Oise and its canals
Publisher: Orpheo USA
Category: Travel

A fascinating journey through the Oise Valley in three stages. Descriptif long de l’application: These three routes with our videoguide will let you uncover the secrets of the Oise Valley. Discover its history, its fauna and flora, and also the famous travellers who have ventured there. You can stroll in the small inland port of Pont-l’Evêque, where barges pass one another on the canals. Then there’s time for a country walk in the beautiful Vallée d’Or, an area ranked as Natura 2000. A third route is dedicated to the legendary writer Robert Louis Stevenson and his amazing trip in a canoe on the Oise. All these routes include places of interest with a commentary and are enhanced by pictures, interviews, accounts and anecdotes, and also animated clips to help you understand your surroundings better.
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