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Jayson Lamb's Splash Factory
Publisher: Jayson Lamb
Category: Education

Jayson Lamb’s Splash Factory has been the leading provider of Aquatic Education & experience in the South West of Victoria for more than a decade. They are the only swim school in the area which can cater for ALL aspects of your swimming requirements. Established by Jayson Lamb, a passionate and experienced lover of all things aquatic, the Splash Factory is proud to have been involved in many water based activities. Whether it is raising funds for the Community via Charity Swims (including English Channel Relays and an 8 hour swim in Lady Bay), teaching Learn to Swim or coaching both Pool and Open Water competitors, the qualified and experienced staff at the Splash Factory are enthusiastic, capable and approachable. Jayson Lamb's Splash Factory App gives users the ability to receive push notifications, stay up to date with swim class term information, making an enquiry and more right at your finger tips. Jayson Lamb's Splash Factory App features: -Location -About Us -Reviews -Facebook -Swim Cam -Enquiry Form -Absentee Form -Notifications and many more...
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