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Old Florida Photos
Publisher: William LaMartin
Category: Photo & Video

This app allows you to view and search a collection of photos of Florida around 1900 by the Detroit Publishing Company that are now at the Library of Congress and in the public domain. The photos are mainly of the east coast of Florida from Jacksonville to Miami with a few from the interior at Orlando and Deland with more coming from Tampa and Pensacola. On the main page, tap a photo thumbnail to see on the Image Page a larger image accompanied by a description and a button to download the Jpeg file. While viewing the image if you tap the Send Email button, you will be able to share the photo via email. To view a slide show (manual, not automatic), tap the 'Slide Show' button to the left. While viewing the slide show, you, again, may share the photo via email, and you may download it as a jpeg file. To search the entire collection for a word or a phrase (not a collection of words), on the Main page enter the search text and tap the search icon. Enjoy the collection. It is a wonderful collection and a window on times past. This app collects no information about the user and uses no cookies. It does need to have an Internet connection so as to access the photos. Contact and Information:
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