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Category: Food & Drink

This App is used for outdoor Grilling and Kitchen use. The App is connected with an ACCUPROBETM Thermometer device (ACCU-PROBE-XXXX) by Bluetooth. The thermometer will send the temperature data from the temperature probe to the App of the Smartphone for various functions as noted below: 1)Thermometer -Monitoring the temperature of the cooking / BBQ -Selecting different meat and taste with default Set Temperatures and customized Set Temperatures. -The App will provide the progress of the cooking. -The App will provide notification (sound and / or vibration) to user when target temperature is reached. -The App can display temperature in ℃ or ℉ and is user selectable. -Support at most 4 probes and end user can assign different meats and tastes to individual probes. 2)Timer -There are 4 different timers which assist the user for various cooking / BBQ functions. -Each timer can be selected to work as an up count or down count timer. -Count up timer is used for monitoring the duration of cooking activities. -Count down timer is used to set a target time for cooking. When the timer count down from target time to zero, the App will trigger a notification (Sound and / or Vibration) to user.
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