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Kooleido - a "Stunning!", highly interactive, kaleidoscope experience!
Publisher: Sarang Bhavsar
Category: Photo & Video

Kooleido is a beautiful interactive visual experience. It produces amazing animations and designs from YOUR photos that are simply pleasing for the eyes and hypnotic for the mind! Very highly rated by both artists and non artists! Kooleido features geometric symmetries that are far advanced compared to any other Kaleidoscope apps on the AppStore. You gotta see the Spiral Animations that it generates. This is not just your childhood Kaleidoscope toy. This is the ultimate Kaleidoscope that will entrance you with the beauty of generative art. Extra features compared to Kooleido Lite (FREE) ============================= - Choose Your own pics from album or camera - Two most advanced, really trippy symmetry modes (Rings and Spirals) - Save 640x960 images - 30+ sample images included (Lite has only 9) You HAVE to see Kooleido in action, it's really KOOL! Check this intro video on youtube. or go to and click on "video" link ----------------------------------------- "It is hypnotizing. ... worth each cent." - Guilherme Marconi on Flickr (Renowned illustrator "If you are a fan of photography, art and visualization applications, Kooleido is a must have application. " - iPhone Footprint ( "This app is packed with fun features. The ability to crop the photo before manipulating it, is alone, worth the price of admission. I highly recommend it." Rating : ***** (5 stars) - David Leibowitz iPhone Artist, creator of iCreated "Inspiration for Symmetry mode: Kooleido. Make sure to check it out!" - Spawn Illuminati Application Help Words from Other reviewers: "Stunning!", "Extremely well crafted", "Well worth the $" ------------------------------ Highlights: ========== - Psychedelic, trippy, kool mandala like animations generated from still images - Very easy to use with **full auto** mode - Create really cool wallpapers from any of your images from Photo Album - Also supports Camera (only on iPhone) - Select up to 30 axis of symmetry (in custom mode) - Sensitive to tilt like classic kaleidoscope - Extremely smooth response to drag, pinch zoom (unlimited zoom) and tilt using highly optimized Open GL Graphics Code. - More than 30 sample images included including some images from Hubble - Zoom,crop,rotate,move image with finger drag - Designed with simplicity of kaleidoscope toy in mind - Full screen, immersive experience - Integrated help You can also use Kooleido to make your own unique koolest wallpaper. NEW Join Kooleido User's Group @ Flickr ========================= Need Help? ========== Kooleido features easy to use auto mode and also manual mode with integrated help. If you need more help please send an email to Also check kooleido website Image Credits ============= In this version, Kooleido includes more than 30 sample images from following sources - Public Domain ( - NASA ( - The developer of Kooleido - Other public domain image sources PHOTOSENSITIVE SEIZURE WARNING: ====================== A very small percentage of people may experience a seizure when exposed to certain visual images, including flashing lights or patterns that may appear in this app. Even people who have no history of seizures or epilepsy may have an undiagnosed condition that can cause these "photosensitive epileptic seizures" to occur. Please do not use this program if you think you may be affected, and discontinue use if the app causes any discomfort.
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