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Yves Klein Augmented Reality
Publisher: VIRDYS
Category: Entertainment

Welcome. This application will accompany you in your visit of our exhibition "Yves Klein, the vibration of the color" conceived and realized by LEXPO augmented sas. The experiences it offers will give you access to Augmented Reality (AR) discoveries and additional content. The uses that you will make captures and / or sharing on different social networks are only your responsibility and free enjoyment. All contents legally imply a moral right to rights holders, a right of quote and rights reserved for EA and photo credit. AR EXPERIENCE AR EXPERIENCE is at the heart of our concept : bringing additional content in text, images or video to those who want it and directly on their mobile devices. One way to increase one's own discovery, one's own experience. Here, by freely downloading our application you will have access to 3 adventures: The Klein Word Cloud MU The ENSO THE CLOUD OF WORDS From 1954 Yves Klein is looking for a Blue of absolute depth able to install a "perfect serenity". With his friend Edouard Adam he develops a specific blue pigment that will become what is called the International Klein Blue (IKB). In his research Yves Klein poses on his sketchbook words able to define this blue so powerful. It is these WORDS, these WORDS-concepts, these WORDS-emotions that will form this cloud when you go point your device towards the image of the artist. ENSO In Zen philosophical practice this symbol is usually translated as "circle" or circle of lights or infinite circle, it is then a symbol of illumination, of the moon or of the universe without limits. The circle is drawn on silk or rice paper in a single gesture. No way to recover. The Enso reveals the state of mind of the person who painted it when he painted it. You will make your own connections with the works and performances of Yves Klein MU (ou état de MU-SHIN) Literally "empty spirit". A state of mind where the mind is not fixed or occupied by a thought or an emotion, and is thus connected to the Cosmos. The MU symbolizes the essence of Zen and Japanese martial arts. SELFIE Yves Klein liked to stage himself. Imitate him. His gaze is watching you, his vision touches you ... Yves Klein is there, behind you, in the background of course, but also his sensitivity. What he whispered in your ear will persist with you forever. Photo credit: Yves Klein Archives DOWNLOAD You can download and print AR markers in PDF (ENSO, MU, Yves Klein’s photography) to experiment Yves Klein AR from your home. Download link : LEGALS LEXPO augmentée SAS 20 rue du commandant Mouchotte 75104 Paris France Phone : +33(0)603477634 Registration : (RCS) 831676119 RCS Paris Publication manager : M. Simon Philippe Design :
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