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Org Chart Maker App
Category: Productivity

Org Chart Maker is a Powerful App that lets you build Organization Charts on your iOS Device. With this App you can quickly create organization charts and use them instantly in your other projects. You can create an org chart and copy or share it instantly by email giving you the flexibility to move it from your iPhone or iPod Touch to your iPad, Mac , PC or to other iPhone Apps. The in-built color picker gives you the ability to define the look and feel of your org charts. This App is ideal for Personal use, School, Business, and other areas where data visualization is key. Org Chart Maker is very easy to use, it utilizes the Parent->Child relationships to construct an organization chart within the shortest time possible, No drawing hassles (Org Chart Maker Pro Automatically draws it for you). Simply enter an item and select the Parent and Org Chart Maker Pro will automatically Complete the Join. Features: - Supports use of Dotted Lines. - Easily position the Org Chart nodes to match your desired layout. - Ability to Email Charts in PDF and PNG Image formats. - Save your charts for future use or edits. - Easily print your org charts from your iPhone or iPod touch. - Instantly share your org chart to the recipients of your choice via email. - Copy and paste it in other Apps. - Easily zoom in and Out with your fingers to enlarge your chart. - Fully optimized for iOS 11. -Supports English, Germany, Italian, Arabic, French, Spanish & Chinese and other Languages Character sets. -- Org Chart Maker ist ein leistungsstarkes Visualisierungstool zum Erstellen von Organigrammen auf Ihrem iOS-Gerät. Diese Anwendung unterstützt den deutschen Zeichensatz. -- أورغ صانع المخطط هو أداة التصور قوية لإنشاء المخططات التنظيمية على جهاز يوس الخاص بك. هذا التطبيق يدعم مجموعة الأحرف العربية. -- 組織結構圖製作工具是一個強大的可視化工具,用於在iOS設備上創建組織結構圖。此應用程序支持中文字符集。
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