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Niko Technologies Payments
Category: Business

Securely store, accept and send funds, instantly pay for your purchases, make multi-currency exchanges and smooth withdrawals using Niko Technologies Payments App. The solution allows to make comfortable and easy payments on the go. To make a payment a customer usually needs only to click some buttons. The App eliminates the need to search for third-party exchanges as Exchange Service is integrated into the solution. Make instant exchanges between multiple supported currencies at fair fees and attractive rates. Virtual and physical EU IBANs are provided to enable fail-proof SEPA wires. They also allow App holders to deposit and withdraw funds directly to/from their bank accounts. Take advantage of Niko Technologies’ SWIFT transfers to wire regular currencies all over the world. Available worldwide. Features: Quick and easy start - Download Niko Technologies Payments App for free and start using it in just a few minutes. Instant and convenient payments - All payments are lightning-fast and secure with Niko Technologies Payments App. Multi-currency exchanges - Enjoy instant and low-fee exchanges at better rates and direct exchange rates. Multiple fiat currencies - Great variety of world’s most spread currencies are supported. Their range is constantly expanded. Quick KYC procedure - It takes only some quick minutes to pass KYC procedure and to open a bank account. Smooth withdrawals at fair fees - Withdraw the funds in the currency you like whenever you need. Fast and fail-proof funds transfers - Wire your funds internationally with Niko Technologies’ SEPA and SWIFT transfers. As easy as sending SMS. Full control of your funds movements - Track your transactions in real time via highly intuitive and user-friendly App’s interface. Get free instant notifications for all your payment procedures. Safety first - 2-Factor Authentication technologies are implemented to make payments super secure and private. Don’t hesitate to contact our 24/7 Support if you need any guidance or counsel. Our expert Customer Support Team is always there for you. Keywords: Niko Technologies Payments App, Niko Technologies, Niko Technologies Payments, e-wallet, instant exchanges, multiple fiat currencies, multiple currencies, all-in-one App, payments on the go, fair fees, attractive rates, Exchange Service, EU IBAN, SEPA transfers, SWIFT transfers, multi-currency exchanges, direct exchange rates, quick KYC procedure, intuitive interface, free notifications, fast funds transfers, 2-Factor Authentication, 24/7 Support, Customer Support Team
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