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Publisher: Atanas Angjushev
Category: Entertainment

3EOradio - The MPower Meant Radio Channel 3EOradio is here to serve. I've learned some things along life's path about truth. Some run from it, some seek it, some see it and choose to ignore it, some even choose to deface the truth with out considering the possibility. I learned early that I don't know what I don't know. That was a revelation to me. I also learned that the majority of the issues that entered my life were the result of me not having previous knowledge about something. That is why I choose to be a seeker. 3EOradio is a space to expand your possibilities as they have been expanded since the first African drew breath. Our principles have stood the test of time as the world powers have attacked our motherland continuosly for centuries. TRUTH! Which seeker are you right now? Why not learn about money and why and how to use it? Why not learn about having good relationships with people we care about? Why not learn about listening to one another? Why not learn about our body and how it works. I believe these are the 4 most impactful skills on our lives and school doesn't train us on any of them. Those who know more than you pertaining to these 4 skills will do better than you every time. Knowledge & Wisdom as the African proverbs repeat are the core essence of African principles, philosophies and concepts that are the foundation of all success. Continue to visit 3eoradio and you will see beyond what you thought your limits were.
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