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NumWorks Graphing Calculator
Publisher: NumWorks
Category: Education

NumWorks designed an intuitive and evolutive graphing calculator to make learning math easier. You'd like to discover the NumWorks calculator? You don't have your NumWorks calculator handy? Download the free NumWorks app to use your calculator directly on your iPhone or iPad! FREQUENT UPDATES We frequently release software updates to improve our calculator, adding new features and enhancing the interface to provide an ever more powerful calculator. A TAILOR-MADE CALCULATOR We closely work with a growing community of educators and developers to build together the perfect calculator for STEM education. CODE IN PYTHON We are proud to have pioneered the first graphing calculator programmable in Python. To guide you in the discovery of Python, we provide you with many examples adapted to your needs: DISCOVER ALL THE FEATURES Solve equations and linear systems Graph functions Compute statistics on your data Use several distributions to calculate probabilities Visit for more information!
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