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KuMote Lite - Free Touchpad Roku remote
Publisher: Josh Sommer
Category: Entertainment

Navigate and control your Roku without looking at your phone, No more looking back and forth between your phone and your TV! KuMote is a unique Roku remote that features a swipe/gesture interface, that with a little practice that allows you to control your Roku without looking at your phone! KuMote features: Easily switch between multiple Rokus with a network search. Tap to anywhere to select/ok. Swipe up, down, left, or right to move that direction Press and hold to bring up secondary controls •Left is Back •Down is Home •Right is *(info) •Up is Replay Then swipe in the corresponding direction to execute. When swiping to move a direction, swipe and hold to keep moving that direction, release to stop. For an Ad free experience and more features check out the original KuMote ********** Directional Arrows are not buttons, they are only there to guide you, You can swipe and tap anywhere on the screen********** Built with NativeScript and Angular
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