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Oculigami for Painting
Category: Productivity

This app creates content ideas from interesting photos for your painting, illustration and drawing artwork. Content ideas are created from several levels of abstraction to choose from of the original photo. Then includes powerful tools to edit what the app has produced automatically, see 'Developer Website' link below to watch app demos. ◉ Powerful layer manipulation tools. ◉ Powerful editing tools. ◉ Several built in levels of abstraction to choose from, these create the content ideas from photos. With a one time in app purchase, you can customize the parameters of abstraction to create an infinite range of interesting abstractions of the original photo. With a one time in app purchase, you can then export smooth vector lines to EPS or SVG files for use with Adobe Illustrator and other vector drawing apps. With a one time in app purchase, you can export high resolution images of your image layers in pixel form for use in imaging apps such as photoshop. See the app tutorials at 'Developer Website' link below. See the "making of" demos at 'Developer Website' link below to see exactly what this app can do.
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