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Z Quarters
Publisher: Zemoga, Inc
Category: Games

Nowhere near a c.1965 fake wood linoleum kitchen table? Perhaps you’re traveling abroad and there is not a US Quarter to be found? Zemoga has created the FREE solution that will allow you to always have the party in your pocket. Just like real Quarters, hold your iPhone horizontal, pick your spot on the table where you want the coin to bounce by moving the aiming icon, then with a quick flip of the wrist, you're in…or maybe not. Practice makes perfect as the game reads your speed and angle of descent. It’s not easy, just like real Quarters. The rules are simple. Make it in, someone drinks…your call. Miss the cup, then you must pass the iPhone to another player and let the party begin! Be on the lookout for updates that will allow you to master the roll off the nose! Cheers!
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