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UP Traffic Police App
Category: Utilities

This app is intended to assist citizens in emergencies relating to their safe movement on roads, communicating live traffic updates and receiving feedback on traffic issues. The App will assist Police officers update traffic situations, report traffic violations, check details of vehicle registration and driving licences of road users, etc. We will provide field services for emergencies relating to traffic jams and accidents. Traffic Violations can be reported by clicking photographs or recording videos of the violations that are occurring near you. The Citizen menu has the icon ‘Report Traffic Violation’ for this purpose. Citizen can report following traffic violation: Violation Media Type Wrong Number Plate Image Driving against the flow of Traffic Image Defective Number Plate Image Parking On Footpath Image Red Light Jumping Video Using Mobile Phone While Driving Video Two Wheeler Driving Without Helmet Video Four Wheeler Driving Without Seat Belt Video Dangerous Driving/Zig-Zag Driving Video Stop Line Violation Video/Image Triple Riding On Two Wheeler Video/Image Yellow Line Violation Video/Image Precaution must be taken that the registration number of the vehicle should be clearly visible in the photograph or the video so that a challan can be issued against that vehicle owner or driver. Also the photograph or video must be taken from the Citizen menu icon ‘Report Traffic Violation’, photographs and videos cannot be imported from the smartphone’s gallery. All personal information given voluntarily will be utilized to provide better policing services for the user and other persons. The Police Department does not sell or share any personally identifiable information volunteered on this site to any third party. Please refer to our Privacy Policy for details.
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