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Five Star FM Radio
Publisher: Igor Dovbenko
Category: Music

Five Star FM Radio is a local and internationally based, independent, noncommercial radio station that is listener supported and internally managed and funded. Five Star FM offers a medium for musical pleasure, cultural overstanding, cultural enrichment and education. We aim to maintain a standard of excellence and to provide a forum for sharing music, arts, culture, news and opinions. We intend to serve the listeners by providing a variety of programming and entertainment formats. We aim to entertain and provide listeners with a broad range of music programming, local and international news, issues and public affairs. We are an outlet for many voices with a wide range of ideas and expertise. Five Star FM is committed to personal up fullness and uprightness. We acknowledge that personal opinions are a necessary and major part of broadcasting and of the entertainment industry. However, the views of any individual DJ, artist or listener are their own and are not necessarily those of Five Star FM Radio.
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