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Best App for Man vs Food Nation
Category: Food & Drink

This application is neither affiliated with nor endorsed by the Food Network. ▪ Find all Man v. Food Nation Restaurants in the United States. ▪ Search Man v. Food Nation Restaurants near to you and by name. Get address, phone numbers, map, directions, website, business hours, cuisines, cost, features. ▪ Fully offline. Internet connection is not required to get address, details and phone numbers. POI Search : ▪ Through this functionality you can search banks, ATM's, hospitals, railway stations, gas stations, restaurants, pizza hut centers, drug stores and more along with their phone numbers around your current GPS Location. ▪ Tap any Item on the list Gives the distance from current location, address and location on the Map. ▪ Tap the route button exists on the map gives you the route on the map with turn-by-turn driving directions with out leaving the application.
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