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Publisher: Immedia
Category: Lifestyle

We love music, all things entertainment and challenging the status quo. Now you can experience more. It's easy to tune in, and engage all day. · Live Stream – Listen to YFM anytime, anywhere right from your phone. · Song Information – Want to know what song is playing? Find new songs and artist details from the live songs being played. · Rewind – Catch up on all the stuff you missed. · Messages – Send free messages from the app to the YFM studio. · Top 40 – Stay on top of what’s hot. YFM is the biggest young adult radio station in South Africa! We do more than simply set trends… We create platforms for future trendsetters! We’ve become known as the capital of youth culture. Throughout the years, we’ve broken down barriers in broadcasting as we created platforms which turn aspiring individuals into inspirational young adults.
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