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Robot City Race
Category: Games

Protect your military cyborgs from a sabotage planned to destroy the robot defense of the world! The military robots that the government hide in its headquarters are at risk! A group of rebels are trying to destroy them and leave the army with none of these great weapons. The robot headquarters has just start burning, there is chaos everywhere. Help the robots to escape to this attack in a survival mode avoiding every obstacle on fire until they reach a safe place! You have got valuable robots to protect, hurry up! In our robot game you will have high-tech action combined with some heavy metal fun: - Help the robots to survive and guide them in a survival race of a world full of metal action! - Make your way out in this robots simulator and learn to avoid every obstacle at full speed! - Easy mobile controls which make it easier to play and immerse yourself in this awesome racing game! - Intuitive game rules: This funny game is easy to play but hard to master! - Take control of your favourite robot character and survive the sabotage! - Realistic scene with incredible graphics of a city at night! The faster you run, the more chances you have to win these races across the city at night of this metal world! Play with heavy metal in our robot simulator and have tons of fun! Twitter: @Oscarminigames Facebook:
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