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Category: Games

Quizlor is a unique game that plays like your favorite board game right on your mobile device. Brightly colored rubies, gems and emeralds decorate the board and give it that true board game feeling. Quizlor will quiz you with diverse questions on each level as you play the game. Select a level and go up against friends and family while using a category of your choice. Pick a category that is the most interesting to you or simply play on random to use a variety of categories. Spin the wheel, land on a color space and advance, land on Select Card and answer a question to advance. There is also an option to select a bonus card to move further ahead. Beware of the setbacks from wrong answers, you may have to back. Win by being the first one around the board. Use advantage cards when you need help answering a question or win the game. Earn silver coins or purchase gold coins throughout the game to build your inventory. Gold coins will build your inventory even faster. Quizlor is a game that makes trivia much more exciting, landing on a color space to advance is like stealing a base and it relieves you of some pressure for the moment.
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