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Pierre-Joseph Redouté, the power of flowers
Publisher: Orpheo USA
Category: Entertainment

Tour of the exhibition Pierre-Joseph Redouté, the power of flowers. You have certainly already come across Redouté’s flowers without knowing, especially his famous roses. They have been reproduced on every known medium: dresses, upholstery, tablecloths, plates and other items. But did you know that this great flower painter was also a scientist at heart? And that, at the time of the Empress Josephine, he worked with the greatest botanists of his age? This is what this exhibition is aiming to show you, especially through the remarkable display of France’s Natural History Museum’s watercolours on vellum that are real treasures of meticulousness and refinement. In addition to Redouté’s career, the exhibition invites you to immerge in a period when the fashion for flowers reached its peak in the first half of the nineteenth century. The exhibition is also an opportunity to understand how Redouté’s patterns had an influence on the designers of the great French textile, wall paper and ceramic manufacturers.
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