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Ohio State Park
Publisher: Jetla Veeresh
Category: Travel

◆Universal App for iPhone xsmax/iPhone xs/iPhone xr/ iPhone X/ iPhone 8/ iPhone 8Plus/ iPhone 7/ iPhone 7Plus/ iPhone SE/ iPhone 6s/ iPhone 6s Plus/ iPhone 6/ iPhone 6 Plus/ iPhone 5/ iPhone/ iPad/ iPad Pro/ iPod. This app Lists the all State parks in Ohio This is a premier iOS app catering to almost every information of Ohio. It features 5 different modules providing information of the Ohio like Information,General Info, ,Directions, Rout Map,Stay Safe, NearSearch. Here are the modules available in the Ohio
 1. General Information :

◆ Get the Basic Info about the Ohio
◆ Information to know how to reach via various means to the destination. 
 2.Map : 

◆ Fully zoomable offline map contains Point of interests on them along with interactive guide. Just tap on any poi you can get the information for that along with routing information.
 ◆ GPS facility is enabled to show the directions and route map.
 ◆ Has the call option and can check the address of the State Parks. 
 ◆ Once the user opens the Map, it points Lit of the State Parks. 3. State Parks *Incredible easy to use. *Simple design and detailed parks information! *GPS+Locations! *Get directions from current location to State Parks & National Parks. *Search Parks! 
4. POI Search : ◆ Local search Search also acts as a Guide to help user in finding the directions from one place to another via GPS enabled Map. ◆ Find list of available Hotels, Attractions, Restaurants, Bars, Hospitals, Drug Stores, Banks, ATM's, Shopping malls, Pizza huts, Gas Stations and Railway stations etc. ◆ Predefined & Local search searches are available. It brings your Device one step closer to a full feature GPS system. It has a database pre-populated with more than 1200 Local search categories. You can find the places you are looking for without any typing. 5. About State Park: ◆ Daily based Itineraries ◆ Night life activities and safety precautions Getting around info in State, tips for moving around and commuting with safety tips.
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