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OD Fitness

OD Fitness App is an app for fitness training with Onjila Denise an ACE certified trainer. All training programs with Onjila Denise will be administered through the app or by logging on the login page on Onjila Denise website. Through the app you will be able to view all your program details in one place (diet, exercise, reporting, and training comments). The app also includes the following: • Submission of training forms/documentation • Video demonstration of every exercise listed in your workout plan • Video comparison (record yourself and compare to the provided video demonstration side-by-side) • Progress tracking with charts • Notification capabilities • Ability to share your progress on social media • Log your meals/intake • Photo progress side-by-side comparison (Pictures taken directly from your phone to the app or uploaded) • Connect with your trainer with messaging capabilities And so much more… Onjila Denise provides an array of training program opportunities and with an app your program is delivered directly to your electronic devices.
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