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Network Data Usage Tracker
Publisher: Aditya Neelkanth
Category: Utilities

Track your mobile network data consumption with the most powerful and intuitive app. Network Data Usage Tracker saves money by keeping you in control of your data usage.It helps you keep a daily track of your 3G & Wi-fi usage and keeps you alerted with its unique forecasting feature. It is the most featured rich App of its kind. Key features of this App are: * Daily 3G/4G Data Usage Tracking * Daily/weekly/monthly trend analysis * Forecasting to give you timely alerts * Daily & Overall Wifi tracking * International Data Roaming tracking with ability to add Roaming Pack * Share your usage with your friends. Network Data Usage Tracker maintains full privacy and doesn’t store any of your data at our end. Easy to use with no login & sign up requirements. More nifty features like quick glance widgets, Apple watch support, multiple languages will be in the upcoming versions. For any queries or support, feel free to contact us on our e-mail or any of our social networks: e-mail: Facebook: Twitter: LinkedIn: Google+:
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