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Publisher: Brian Welch

> NHDRO is the simple app designed and used by CEO Brian Welch to communicate to NHDRO racers and fans. Keep up to date with all NHDRO major announcements throughout the year. Also great to have during race weekend to receive push notifications directly to your phone to let you know: - Your class need to report to the lanes - 'Street ET to the Lanes!' - Qualifying results - 'Qualifying results for PST round 1 are ……..' - Schedule updates - 'Grudge will start at 6pm tonight'' - Points standing - 'Brian Welch is our current points leader in Crazy 8' - Lost and found - 'There was a cell phone found in the ladies restroom' - Announcements for needed parts - 'Anyone at the track have a throttle cable for a Busa?' -All important messages - ‘We have 2 more golf cars available’ Whether you are stuck at home during race weekend, or parked in the one spot at the track that you can’t hear the intercom, never miss another announcement from Brian & Niki. If you would like a similar app for your organization, school, church, family or business, please contact Brian. You can share feeds and share your feedback from feedback form.
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