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Publisher: Starsoft
Category: Medical

NowUHear is a hearing aid application for iPhone and iPad. It is running on similar principles as conventional wearable hearing aid. It is using ordinary headset, therefore completely invisible to others! NowUHear can operate in the background so you can use other applications while using NowUHear Why to use NowUHear: - Easy to use - works with the hardware you already own - automatically adapts to current sound environment - operates in standard and voice enhance mode especially designed for human speech - selectable device or headset microphone source - minimum signal processing delay - background noise and echo canceling - operates in background, so you can still use other applications. *Disclaimer: The NowUHear app is not approved as a medical device or software and cannot be used as a hearing aid with doctor`s prescription. THIS APP ENHANCE THE VOLUME OF ENVIRONMENT SOUND AND VOICE. USING EXTREME SETTINGS CAN DAMAGE YOUR HEARING. PLEASE CONSULT A DOCTOR BEFORE USING THIS APP. The developers take no responsibility for any assessment of your hearing or any damage caused by using this app either directly or indirectly.
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