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W-all Studio
Publisher: Neri Wolff Srl
Category: Shopping

THE APP The W-all Studio App™ is a bespoke wallpaper development tool for professional working on luxury hospitality, retail and visual merchandising projects. Once you receive the account details you will be ready to continue your bespoke wallpaper journey as follows: ● Browse smoothly through the wallpaper category library with the swipe of a finger and discover the world’s finest wallpaper production techniques; from ancient metal leaf gilding, innovative vinyl fabrications, laminated jacquards, capiz shell crafts, wood veneer cuts and many more besides. ● Order your dedicated sample by selecting the production technique of interest in the Inspiration section and add your material requirements with the greatest possible detail: material, colour, texture, style, budget, etc. If possible, please upload images of your mood-board. ● Once we receive your input, your request will be stored in your Sample Request section. We will arrange the matching sample, preparing material from our existing libraries or produce a dedicated strike-off. In case we receive a focused and complete enquiry, the first lot is free-of-charge. Lead times depends on the availability. By exception we might charge freight costs pro-forma. ● Once the sample is shipped the matching information will appear in the Samples Shipped section. The aim of this app is to support you with your research and development activities and we want to give you the best experience possible - If you have suggestions, feature requests or want to report an issue, write us at or visit the Contact us section in the App. [Disclaimer: we only answer to enquiries from professionals working on high-end interior design and visual merchandising projects.] ABOUT US W-all Ventures® is a consortium of unconventional wallpaper manufactures each having a distinctive and country-specific production technique. We offer direct access to many different production techniques, avoiding middle-men (editors, distributors, showrooms, agents). We create unique solutions that match the required brand's style and positioning thanks to the diversity of the manufacture base; we are able to faithfully reproduce any kind of material, texture, style, colour, finishing, design. We present wallpapers obtained by metal leaf gilding and paper weave from Japan, innovative project vinyls from the US, natural raffia from Madagascar, laminated jacquards from Italy, flexible paper-backed capiz shell veneers from the Philippines, laser-cut wood veneers from Taiwan, metallic cork from Portugal and many more besides. W-all Studio™, the bespoke surface advisory department of W-all Ventures®, supports decision-makers of luxury brands involved with hospitality and retail design development with: • Partnership throughout the development of bespoke interior surfaces for new concepts. • Best practice analysis of surface materials, economics and logistics on existing concepts. Entering the new decision making process from the beginning allows us to analyse thoroughly the material, budget and logistical requirements which results in important operational and cost efficiencies afterwards. Our associates have proudly served LVHM, Kering, TOD'S Group, Valentino Fashion Group, Max Mara, Hyatt Development, Waldorf Astoria and InterContinental Hotels Group among many others. You can also visit us online General terms and conditions and data protection guidelines:
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