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Blood Pressure Tracker - Pro

Blood Pressure Tracker (iBPTracker) is a simple and easy to use iPhone/ iPad/ iPod-Touch app to help you monitor and keep track of your Blood Pressure levels - systolic and diastolic blood pressure and heart rate. It helps you set a Goal to maintain a healthy blood pressure and monitor your progress. Carry around iBPTracker in your your iPhone/ iPad/ iPod Touch all the time to keep on top of your numbers. FEATURES * EASY and INTUITIVE interface for Systolic , Diastolic blood pressure and Heart Rate. * MONITOR changes in Blood Pressure levels over time. * The LOG History display allows one to view all historic data. * EMAIL and SHARE your Blood Pressure records with your Doctor. You can also email to your self for backup and sharing. * Add text NOTES to each log. * No Monthly Subscription Fee (unlike some other iPhone apps). You pay once for the app and get all upgrades for FREE!. * No Internet Connection required to access data, use the app anytime, all data is stored locally on your iPhone. * Takes very little of your iPhone memory, extremely small database size. * CUSTOM Reports - Daily, Weekly, Monthly and more.. * GRAPHICALLY visualize your weight loss (weekly, monthly, 3-monthly) * Privacy and Security - All data is stored locally on your iPhone for your privacy. * EXPORT to Microsoft Excel : data is semi-colon delimited. This app saves Systolic, Diastolic and Heart Rate information with time/date. It is a convenient log of your blood pressure history.
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