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Publisher: Shoehouse, Inc.
Category: Lifestyle

Koolooks is a Fashion app with a fun, supportive community of shoppers, fashionistas, influencers, and friends, helping each other with our fashion choices. Members upload selfies or photos, and the community votes and comments in real-time. Koolooks is a wonderful connector for customers & retail sales people, friends & buddies, and Moms & daughters - we love our kool guys too! If you prefer more privacy, you can also share private posts with buddies or select individuals. Koolooks’ culture is all about sharing, giving, encouraging, and anti-bullying. There is a saying that “Beauty is unity in the diversity.” We agree, and feel that there is a beautiful fashionista in all of us! Koolooks is all about making confident fashion decisions, and feeling good about yourself. • Get support fast, • Help others, • Give and receive encouragement, • Connect with like-minded people, • Discover new fashion trends. Geeks will love that not many other apps load this fast or are architected this elegantly. Yes, we greatly care about more than just fashion. But fashion and style is the content we love!
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