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Speazi FM
Publisher: Igor Dovbenko
Category: Entertainment

Speazi FM aims to be a radio station with more variety than any other! With music from all eras, comedy shows, controversial talk shows, and even vintage radio shows and commercials, Speazi FM has a little something for everyone! The music we deliver is as varied as the station it's played on, with songs and artists coming at you from the 50s all the way up to the current Top 40 hits! We are proud to be a new home to vintage radio shows from yesteryear including commercials from the same period taking you back to a time when radio was free-spirited and constantly striving to entertain the listener. Speazi is a big believer in freedom of speech and freedom of expression, and our daily talk shows are evident of that with the hosts addressing current affairs and pop culture in a hilariously satirical way between songs. Needless to say, Speazi is bound to entertain you all day every day with its finely tuned programming schedule!
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