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Publisher: navavi abdul aziz

OneGo app offers simple User Interface and superb audio quality VoIP calls in affordable rates. OneGo works on all iOS devices and supports calling over WIFI/EDGE/3G/LTE. In order to use this app end users can register with their mobile number. Key features include: 1. Lowest battery usage with highest reliability / stability on App Store. 2. Lowest latency of all IOS softphones. 3. Exceptional voice quality. 4. Bandwidth normalization. 5. Voice/Video packet negotiation 6. Bluetooth support. 7. Excellent audio quality, even on older devices. 8. Supports calling over WIFI/EDGE/3G/LTE. 9.Background / multitasking support. 10. Integration with the native ios contact list. 11. Speakerphone mute and hold.
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