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Publisher: Apphodge Co.
Category: Food & Drink

Small-production craft wines should be just as easy to discover as a Mondavi or Kendall Jackson. But they aren't. So we built Oaked. Craft wines don’t line the shelves of Safeway or Trader Joe's. They aren’t available on-demand from your nearest liquor store. They hide in tiny tasting rooms down long dusty roads you have to traverse mountains to get to. We created Oaked to make craft wine more accessible to anyone with an iPhone. We track down the finest small-production wineries and bring them straight to your screen. Whether you are a wine enthusiasts or a curious novice, you can easily find, learn about and order craft wines directly from the independent, passionate people who make them. Using OAKED, you our thirsty hero, can: • Discover new small-production wineries from multiple regions • Search by Moment: perfect for knowing something like which wines are best for staying warm on a cold night • Search by varietal: perfect for if you already know what you’re looking for • Learn each wine’s characteristics: what it smells like and tastes like • Learn what food pairs well with each wine • Discover what makes each wine special straight from the winemaker • Order directly from each winery with a few quick taps • Ship directly to your home or office (someone 21+ must sign for the good stuff) • Save your favorite wines for quick recall and reorder • Track your order in-app • Save and manage multiple shipping addresses and credit cards
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