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Kid Sharp Memory
Publisher: Harshal Bajaj
Category: Education

Introduce your child with insects while sharpening their memory in a fun way. The Kid Sharp Memory app helps you to make kids familiar with different insects, including ant, aphid, bee, beetle, butterfly, cockroach, dragonfly, flea, fruit fly, mosquito, spider, vermin and much more. Kids Sharp Memory is a puzzle game specially designed for small kids. After completing the puzzles, a kid can easily recognize insects. Simply download this Kid Sharp Memory app to your iOS device and let your kids learn and find insect. There is a learning session where your kid can see images of insects along with audio name of the particular insect. This learning session help your kid to resemble insect image with the name. In the game, kid needs to open tiles visible on the screen one-by-one and needs to repeat the same until two tiles with similar insects open one after another. There are three level of the game. After completing training session, your kid can start with the easy level and once pro in that, they can move forward to next level. Features: • Teach Kids with Fun • Kids Friendly • High Quality Insect Puzzles for Toddlers • Images with Audios • Free Download
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