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Q GuideBook
Category: Business

Q GuideBook is a comprehensive, interactive directory of LGBTQ-inclusive businesses from various industries that's revolutionizing how conscientious consumers discover businesses that share their values. Trust is the primary currency in our social economy. Q Guidebook bridges the trust gap between consumers and businesses in a lively, thought-provoking way utilizing the timeless principles of storytelling. Companies manage their own pages, upload photos and videos, promote events, feature special offers, integrate their social media accounts and connect with equality-minded consumers and businesses. This searchable and geo-targeted digital directory is truly unique because it also features articles, blog posts and innovative ways for businesses to authentically interact with LGBTQ consumers and their allies. In short, Q GuideBook is a sweeping digital platform that features an interactive directory of inclusive businesses, content marketing opportunities, compelling storytelling and a diverse marketplace of ideas. Forget chambers of commerce, business associations and LGBTQ community organizations. Q GuideBook is where LGBTQ-inclusive businesses live. Discover the Q difference today!
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