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Publisher: Daniel Santana
Category: Utilities

yVR is a new multiplatform tool that allows you to view your mono and stereo 360 renders directly on your device either in 360 or cardboard mode. yVR works locally for artists that want to see their work directly on their final medium or across the internet to showcase to clients and get fast and efficient feedback on 360 projects. yVR is composed by 3 separate layers of software. yVR Server, yVR Clients and yVR Plugins. You need to run yVR Server on the machine you will be doing your 360 renders and yVR client on the same machine or another supported device. Currently yVR has plugins for 3ds Max and Houdini. yVR Standard License allows you to run up to 2 yVR Clients. Your 3D application needs to support render to 360 monoscopic or stereoscopic (top/bottom) equirectangular images, which are common in most of the commercially available renderers nowadays.
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