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Jingle All The Way
Publisher: Sabrina Sharma
Category: Stickers

Santa is coming! It’s that time again to wrap your presents, decorate the tree and hope that you have been good enough for Santa to bring something wonderful. Add some special festive cheer when you message your loved ones this holiday season. Let us know if you’d like any other stickers! Enjoy this set and share it with family and friends. ***This sticker pack contains:*** - 78 static digital stickers *** HOW TO INSTALL THE PACK: *** • Start your iMessage app. • Select a recipient then tap the grey arrow icon next to the text input box and tap on the iMessage App store icon. • Now tap the icon with four ovals in the lower left hand corner to open the app drawer. • Now select the “plus sign” logo labelled “Store” to access the iMessage App Store. • At the top, select the “Manage” tab to add your purchase to your app drawer. • For a more detailed guide, please check Apple website: *** HOW TO USE STICKERS: *** • To add it to your message thread just TAP the icon once and the sticker will appear in the text box, ready to be sent. • To put the sticker onto a message bubble or photo, TAP and HOLD and then PLACE the sticker on top of the bubble or photo, RELEASE once you see that the bubble or image slightly changes colour. • You can add multiple stickers on top of each other. • To SCALE and ROTATE, just use your second finger to pinch in and out for zoom, left and right for rotation before RELEASING it onto the bubble or photo. *** LIKE OUR STICKER PACK AND CHECK FOR ANY UPDATES ON OUR SOCIAL MEDIA PAGES: *** Facebook: Twitter: Pinterest: Vimeo: Youtube: *** IF YOU LIKE THIS PACK, DON'T FORGET TO CHECK OUR OTHER DIGITAL STICKER SETS ON THE APP STORE: *** Seek bill payer's permission first before downloading. Jingle All The Way sticker pack is subject to Apple App Store Terms and Conditions. Copyright 2017 SoulSun Designs
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