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QC 3 Degree Radio
Publisher: Igor Dovbenko
Category: Music

QC 3 Degree Radio is music and programming made for, and BY, the Quad Cities creative community. The Quad Cities is home to an ever growing diverse music and art community, DIY venues, makers spaces, established recording studios, and much more. We want you to know about it, when it's happening and where to find it. We want to help you find something new and to give those who create the exposure they deserve. There's more to life than what the mainstream is serving you. We live and create in a city where everyone is within three degrees of separation of each other and are working together to prolong the magic we're making. QC3º Radio brings you updates on all the new music, classic bands of the past, topical discussion talk shows, and anything that we want you to experience with us. We made it for you.
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