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X Cab
Publisher: Open Transport Ltd
Category: Travel

XCAB is a technological advance in searching for a regulated cab driver, closest to customer without the hassle of phoning anymore. App allows customers to interact with regulated cab drivers in real time and source for most fairest value for getting a taxi online. XCAB app uses GPS and location services on your iOS devices to determine your correct position when hailing for a cabbi. We are dedicated to providing a profound and safe service throughout. All cab drivers are going to be checked for CRB, Insurance and no previous Harassment conviction of any kind. We are looking forward in sponsoring a charity in the 3rd world, to help single and very poor families re-structure their lives in 2015. XCAB is a online taxi sourcing infrastructure only. We are committed to providing a fairly new innovative and Eco financial service throughout for consumers and regulated cab drivers in the regions.
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