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Orison School
Publisher: Jyothish Sebastian
Category: Education

ORISON SCHOOL- Mobile APP is a unique effort from Hira Computer Solutions and Takyon247 for Educational Institutes and its various stake holders. A UNIQUE KIND OF PRODUCT AIDED IN ENHANCING COMMUNICATION, ANYTIME & ANYWHERE AND STAY CONNECTED, BE NOTIFIED ABOUT YOUR CHILD’S LEARNING PROCESS. Orison School is here just to ensure an Easy Interface with Mobility to support the parents to stay in close contact with the school administrations to get periodical updates on their child’s performance, school policies, events, programs & other facilities offered by the school. Orison School comes with various kinds of reports for the complete evaluation of the student. Orison School can also be easily integrated with any of the existing application and can access the reports generated in the application in your mobile without additional effort. The main features of Orison School include: 1. My School - To view the school profile including, the year of establishment, vision, mission and short description. 2. Notice Board - To view the details of the events taken place in the school, also can receive periodical alerts of invitations of any events conducting by the school. 3. Time Table - The fixed time table for each class can be viewed through this option. 4. Reports - Here the parents can avail the reports and records of their child’s education/behavior such as Attendance Reports, Mark lists, Progress Reports, Messages, Notifications, Reference Tip, Homework etc. to improve the effectiveness in their child’s learning/behavior. Many of these reports are archived for future reference. 5. Complaints - The users can report anyone’s bad conduct anonymously through Orison School. The admin will have the privilege to remove any absurd reports. 6. Communicate -Internal messaging system. Messages can send to the groups like, Science Group, Cricket Group etc. 7. Locator & Navigator - One of the most useful options in Orison School. By this option, parents with Orison School can locate their child's school as well as the school bus in which their child is traveling. 8. Plans & Homework/Academics - This module enables teachers to assign homework to the students and monitor them with the aid of subsequent and accurate reports. Teachers will also be able to help the students with corresponding answers for unattended homework. 9. Scheduler/Calendar - Scheduler can help the users to note down the events and meetings on particular day. Users can also avail this scheduler to chart down their personal meetings too. This key feature of Orison School is helpful for both the parents and teachers alike. 10. Weekly Plan : A mobile friendly interface to access Homework, Class work and daily assessments. ** If you are facing resolution issues, please log-in to to use the web version of Orison School.
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