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Category: Music

Orfeo is a chromatic pitchpipe and metronome for the iPhone/iPod Touch. It plays four octaves of pitches from C2 to C6 and gives you a choice of sounds. To change the sounding pitch, simply drag the note up or down the staff. The pitch standard for A4 is adjustable and includes pitch standards for early music performance as well as a range around A440. Orefeo's metronome gives the standard range of metronome marks plus an extended slow range down to 10 bpm. It includes a visual display, the ability to set the rate by tapping a choice of standard MM or arbitrary bpm and a choice of emphasis. Orfeo is localized for English and Japanese. Some iPhones seem to prefer Japanese over English when they are set for another language such as German or French. If Orfeo starts in Japanese and you want English: 1) Set the phone's language to English. 2) When it is finished, set the language back to your desired language.
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