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Egg Incubator Hatch A Bird : Relaxing Game
Publisher: Malik Basit Zia
Category: Games

Want to have some relaxing time before you sleep? Want a peaceful and relaxing game where you do not need to worry about getting killed or loosing all your progress? If yes then we welcome you to the best egg incubator and hatching simulator game of 2016. Have fun with our exotic and super cute bird collection. The relaxing music and beautiful bird chirping sound will take you away from all the stress. A great game for kids and adults. Just sit back, relax and hatch your favorite birds. Take care of the egg in your nursery, provide it food and protect it against the incoming germs. Huge Variety of eggs to hatch including eggs of penguins, ninja peacocks, little tweets, red macaws and many more. Hatch your favorite birds and keep your own collection of cute birds. Share it with your friends, or compare it with the world on leader board. No competition of score, No challenges just relax, enjoy and continue from where you left. Here is the list of some birds which can be your cute pets in this bird game. - Pink Cardinal - Green Warbler - The Red Macaw - The Antarctica Penguin - Eastern Bluebird - Steamer Duck - Blue Jay - Little Twitter - Gray warbler - Ninja Peacock If you like free games, casual games and relaxing games then Egg Incubator is perfect for you. HAVE FUN HATCHING.
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