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Category: Travel

The Naboisho app allows you to record your sighting in the Naboisho Conservancy in Kenya. It allows you to: Entering details of sightings out in the field Identify individual big cats View the location of sightings on a map Viewing details sightings from daily diaries Upload Sightings to the Naboisho website When you are in Naboisho, your current position is marked by a light blue dot. Whenever you see something worth recording, tap the pin and you’ll be prompted to fill in details. As the GPS and time are recorded automatically, it is usually just a case of selecting the species. Add any notes you feel like, such as animal behaviour, size of herd, etc. The maps are stored as part of the app, so you do not require an Internet connection to view them; just as well, as you'll be doing well to get a reliable connection when you're in the bush.
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