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KOWA CAM 是一款与皮肤显微检视仪配套使用的应用软件,将仪器传回来的视频信息显示在手机上,从另一个视角监测你的皮肤状态。支持IOS系统 1. 支持手机摄像头,视频功能 2. 支持手机控制功能 3. 图像低延时 4. 支持密码和名称更改 5. 图像比较功能 KOWA CAM is an application software that is used with the skin microview meter to display the video information returned from the instrument on the phone and monitor your skin from another perspective. supports IOS system 1. support mobile phone camera, video features 2. support mobile phone control function 3. image low delay 4. support password and name change 5. Image comparison function
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