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Numerator Ninja
Publisher: Wayne Smith
Category: Education

Visualizing fractions and whole numbers is one of the best ways to understand them. Numerator Ninja makes quick work of fractional problems and displays the result in a helpful graphical format. Fractions are displayed in pie-chart format and whole numbers are represented by color coded disks and numbers (powers of 10). Values are easily entered using either up/down keys or keypad. Numerator Ninja slices through the following with ease: -Fraction visualization -Whole number visualization -Fraction reduction -Conversion of improper fractions -Operations on Mixed Numbers -Decimal Entry and Conversion -History of entered values While Numerator Ninja is primarily intended for grade school students learning fractions, it can easily be used by all! This tool supports whole numbers less than or equal to +/- 9999 and denominators less than or equal to 9999.
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